As of July 5th, this is the most recent photo of the indoor progress being made on the elevator installation.  Beginning at the left:

Access Project Update - “We’re Movin’ On Up!”

            The old TV show theme song seems appropriate now for a couple of reasons:
1) we can clearly see the progress of the construction for the new entrance and ramp to fellowship hall as well as the framing of the elevator shaft up to the sanctuary level, and 2) we’re working our way “up the hill” toward the financial solvency of the project.  Just like it will still take work from the contractor to provide a finished access, it’s going to take some work from all of us to get to the top of the financial hill.
First of all, THANK YOU to all who have pledged, given, worked, continued to give, and will keep following through with the commitments that have been made.  There has been a great amount of work, prayer, committing, and giving that has gotten us to this point, and it is greatly appreciated!  Next, it’s really important to realize just how vital it is to the overall effort for the commitments that have been made in our hearts to be written down so that we can be aware of what to expect going forward. 
Here are some facts about the financial aspect of the access project that are important for everyone to know:

Total maximum estimated cost of the project (including contingencies)


Amount raised/contributed so far


Amount pledged for the future


Estimated amount to be financed now to complete the project


Loan principal amount not covered by pledges


Number of pledges received


We know that situations are challenging.  We also know that often there is a perception that it doesn’t matter if a pledge is made as long as the giving happens.  The reality is that the knowledge of how many dollars a week we can expect going forward really makes a difference in our ability to show that we can cover the servicing of the debt.  Please consider committing your intent so that we can plan effectively for the future.  Also remember that pledges are not contracts, they are simply written intentions.  If your situation changes in the future, you can always modify your pledge to reflect those changes.  Thank you!